[U-Boot] ubifsmount reports "Error reading superblock", but linux can mount FS

Alex Zeffertt azeffertt at cambridgesys.com
Thu Mar 8 10:49:33 CET 2012

>> I've been comparing the linux and u-boot implementations, and it looks
>> like the following fix is in the kernel
>> but not in u-boot.  I don't really understand it, but it looks like a
>> candidate.  Might porting this change to
>> u-boot fix the issue?
> Hard to tell. Might be worth a try, if its not too complicated. It would be
> great if you could report the outcome of this. And best to send this patch to
> the list as well.

Thanks, I've ported that one changeset to u-boot.  (I first tried
updating u-boot/fs/ubifs to the latest kernel code but this was too
difficult without any real understanding.)

Unfortunately I've got to wait for a repro before I can tell if it
fixes the issue... so I may go quiet for a few weeks.



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