[U-Boot] Any outstanding ARM pull requests?

Tom Warren TWarren at nvidia.com
Thu Mar 8 17:02:00 CET 2012


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> Subject: Any outstanding ARM pull requests?
> Hi all,
> On my working repo where I have all ARM subrepos as remotes, a
> 	git branch -r --no-merged | grep '/master'
> with HEAD set to my master branch gives the following:
>    u-boot-atmel/master
>    u-boot-atmel/master-arm
>    u-boot-imx/master
>    u-boot-pxa/master
>    u-boot-samsung/master
>    u-boot-tegra/master
> Which means there are commmits on these repo's master branches that are not
> currently in u-boot-arm.
> Are there any ARM pull requests pending that I would have missed or are
> about to be sent?

I hope to get a pull request together today for u-boot-tegra/master.

What's the cut-off? i.e. could I push it to tomorrow if I run across a problem in testing?



> Amicalement,
> --
> Albert.

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