[U-Boot] ubifsmount reports "Error reading superblock", but linux can mount FS

Alex Zeffertt azeffertt at cambridgesys.com
Fri Mar 9 19:10:04 CET 2012

On 9 March 2012 14:02, Wolfgang Denk <wd at denx.de> wrote:
> In message <CANNiwJKREXiOBfiA_1v_-QGMoV_A59Ce0ADcVfK1xLMFkReFgw at mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
>>                                                ...  How do you know
>> how big this might need to be in order to mount a filesystem that
>> "needs recovery"?
> I don't know of ways to determine this in advance.  Eventually all we
> can do is thry what you did: increase the malloc arena when it turns
> out to be too small.
> If you are willing to invest a little more time, it would be
> interesting to test how much memory is actually needed on your system.

I know that 1MiB was too little and 4MiB was enough.  However, I don't
know whether a filesystem corruption could occur that caused
ubifsmount to require more than 4MiB.  For that reason I made the
malloc area 64MiB.  This is half my total RAM, which leaves the other
half for downloading images.



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