[U-Boot] Does U-boot supports Spansion S29GL512P NOR Flash?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sat Mar 10 20:10:23 CET 2012

Dear Balaji Sivakumar,

In message <loom.20120310T113930-255 at post.gmane.org> you wrote:
> I am Balaji.  am using IMX6 base custom board. In my board am using S29GL01G 
> NOR Flash to srore u-boot and kernel. I understand from the data sheet this 
> NOR Flash is CFI based on. So i have added Configurations for CFI Flash driver.

Thi sis of course only part of the configuration that is needed.

> Currently am loading the U-boot into DDR3 and able to excute U-boot test 
> commands. When i put flinfo , am getting "missing or unknow flash type" and 
> while loading the u-boot it is printing as " Unknown flash on BANK 1 - Size - 
> 0MB". So am not sure what am missing here or i have to add anything extra in 
> teh config file. Please request you to check and provide your suggestion.

For example, you must also set up the memory controller and memory map
as needed for your board.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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