[U-Boot] [PATCH 13/25] SPEAr: spear usbtty configuration does not use ethernet device

Amit Virdi amit.virdi at st.com
Mon Mar 12 14:12:08 CET 2012

Hello Stefan,

On 3/7/2012 7:44 PM, Stefan Roese wrote:
> On Wednesday 07 March 2012 13:04:02 Amit Virdi wrote:
>> From: Vipin KUMAR<vipin.kumar at st.com>
>> Ethernet probing is removed from u-boot compiled as a firmware for spear
>> flashing utility. This enables faster access to usbtty interface as unused
>> ethernet i/f is not initialized.
> Ethernet probing should only be done, when the device is really accessed (e.g.
> by using tftp commands). I know that the current implementation of the
> designware ethernet driver does this probing (PHY link negotiation etc)
> unconditionally at startup.
> I have a patch in my queue that changes the designware driver to only start
> probing/auto-negotiating once its really used. I'll rebase my patch on top of
> your designware rework patches, once they are approved.
> With this patch, this patch here should be unnecessary. At least when reading
> the patch description above.
> So is this patch still needed, after my designware net driver rework?

This patch is not required after your patch. I shall be dropping this in V2.

Amit Virdi

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