[U-Boot] SPL Linux Boot

Stefano Babic sbabic at denx.de
Thu Mar 15 15:01:33 CET 2012


this should be the final version for the patchset introducing
direct Linux booting from SPL.

Only Patch 1/14: "Add cmd_spl command" was modified.
Patches 2/13 up to 12/13 are untouched from V13.
Patch 13/13 fix a small issue by compiling the cam_enc_4xx
board (Tom Rini)


[PATCH V14 01/13] Add cmd_spl command
[PATCH V14 02/13] devkit8000: add config for spl command
[PATCH V14 03/13] omap-common: Add NAND SPL linux booting
[PATCH V14 04/13] devkit8000/spl: init GPMC for dm9000 in SPL
[PATCH V14 05/13] omap-common/spl: Add linux boot to SPL
[PATCH V14 06/13] omap/spl: change output of spl_parse_image_header
[PATCH V14 07/13] devkit8000: Implement and activate direct OS boot
[PATCH V14 08/13] Add cache functions to SPL for armv7
[PATCH V14 09/13] OMAP3: SPL: do not call I2C init if no I2C is set.
[PATCH V14 10/13] SPL: call cleanup_before_linux() before booting
[PATCH V14 11/13] OMAP3: twister: add support to boot Linux from SPL
[PATCH V14 12/13] arm: Add Prep subcommand support to bootm
[PATCH V14 13/13] cam_enc_4xx: Rename 'images' to 'imgs'

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