[U-Boot] [PATCH] BOOT: Add RAW ramdisk support to bootz

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Mar 16 12:09:45 CET 2012

Dear Marek Vasut,

In message <201203160945.40467.marex at denx.de> you wrote:
> > - You add code size even for systems which don't enable "bootz"
> >   support.
> This is a good point, do you agree to introduce CONFIG_SUPPORT_RAW_RAMDISK to 
> enable this feature?

Fine with me - please also document the new option.

> > - You change the syntax of all boot related commands where a ramdisk
> >   address may be passed (i. e. "bootm") without documenting it.
> Right, this should be documented in the top-level README file? Or is there some 
> other place?

Hm... I have no strong opinion here.

> > - Using this syntax with a mkimage wrapped ramdisk image will cause
> >   bad things to happen, even if you specific the correct size.  The
> >   API should be more robust.
> It actually won't. If you use mkimage warped ramdisk, it'll recognise it's magic 
> numbers and simply ignore the stuff behind ":". Though I hope noone in sane mind 
> would do that.

Argh...  Passing arguments that silently get ignored under certain
conditions is not something I like to see.

And are you sure hat it will work like that? [I mean, has this been

> > > +			/*
> > > +			 * Check if rd_len was manually overridden, if it was,
> > > +			 * we're loading RAW ramdisk.
> > > +			 */
> > 
> > This is undocumented policy, and I dislike such a side-effect based
> > design (if we have a size parameter, it must be a raw image).
> It must not, but if it is, it'll be used as raw.

Sorry, I cannot parse this.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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