[U-Boot] SPL Linux Boot

Tom Rini trini at ti.com
Sat Mar 17 16:24:30 CET 2012

On Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 8:16 AM, Wolfgang Denk <wd at denx.de> wrote:
> Dear Tom Rini,
> In message <20120316212442.GE31661 at bill-the-cat> you wrote:
>> OK.  But now we add to the ELDK 4.2 saga.  This series adds not just a
>> warning (well, 5 for CONFIG_OMAP I guess, 1 for everything else) for
>> everything ARM but also breaks everything else over undefined reference
>> to 'raise'.  ELDK 5.1 is fine.  Now what?
> This raise issue is probably due to a misconfiguration.
> See "arch/arm/config.mk", search for "For EABI, make sure to provide
> raise()".
> Check why arch/arm/lib/eabi_compat.c does not get compiled / linked.

Even if ELDK5.1 is totally fine?  And other modern toolchains as well..


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