[U-Boot] Patchwork housekeeping

Marek Vasut marek.vasut at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 07:45:34 CET 2012

Dear Graeme Russ,

> Hello Custodians and Mailing List Aficionados,
> I don't know if anyone has noticed, but patchwork is starting to collect
> a rather large amount of cruft.
> I occasionally jump onto patchwork and do a little housekeeping by marking
> updated patches as 'Superceeded' and anything applied by Wolfgang as
> 'Accepted' (There may be a few patches that have been applied to custodian
> tress that I marked as 'Accepted' when really they should have been marked
> as 'Awaiting Upstream')
> I really don't mind doing this housekeeping, but I would like to make a
> few suggestions that will make the work a little easier:
>  - If you are a custodian:
>     o When you apply a patch to your repo, can you please assign it to
>       yourself in patchwork and set it to 'Awaiting Upstream'
>     o Reply to the ML with 'Applied to <repo>/<branch>'
>     o When you send a pull request, create a bundle with all the patches
>       that are to be pulled (you can create the bundle early and add
>       patches as you apply them)
>     o When Wolfgang pulls your repo, go to the bundle and mark all the
>       patches 'Accepted'
>  - If you are a patch submitter:
>     o Visit http://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/uboot/list/
>     o Search for your patches by following the 'Filters'link and entering
>       your name
>     o Send and email (with 'patchwork' somewhere in the subject) to the ML
>       with a list of patches that you submitted say more than one month
>       ago. For each patch, please indicate if the patch is:
>         * Superseded - By another patch (either by you or someone else)
>         * Not Applicable - The patch can be ignored (was an RFC, was due
>           to a misunderstanding, another patch did the same thing, etc)
>         * Applied - Has been applied (state the repo and branch)
>         * Rejected - Patch has been officially rejected
>         * Waiting - You believe the patch is still valid but has not been
>           applied (send a ping as a reply to the patch on the mailing list
>           as well
>         * Other - Please describe what state you feel the patch is in
> Once I get the raw list down to a manageable level, I'll start to look at
> the leftovers...

WAT ? Yet another ruleset ... and a long one while at that. Maybe we should 
cobble together an "U-Boot contributors guidebook" ... printed edition with 1k 
pages ;-D

We really need to make it easier for people to contribute to u-boot, these long 
rulesets only ward people away.

> Regards,
> "Your friendly Patchwork janitor" Graeme

Best regards,
Marek Vasut

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