[U-Boot] u-boot usb-ethernet patch

Pierre psa at kerlink.fr
Tue Mar 27 11:28:59 CEST 2012

Mehmet Fatih Özay <mfatih.ozay <at> ctech.com.tr> writes:

>     Hello all
>         We are using OMAP 3530 board and SMSC9512 usb-ethernet adapter. 
> The main goal is to connect this adapter through USB OTG port and 
> initialize at u-boot. In order to do it, we are using your u-boot 
> patches for usb-ethernet SMSC95xx ( we patch your patch file to our 
> OMAP3 SBC3530 # ping
> ** smsc95xx_halt()
> ** smsc95xx_init()
> usb_control_msg: devnum: 0x2, configno: 0x0, irq_act_len 0x0 maxchild 0x0
> usb_control_msg: request: 0xA0, requesttype: 0x40, value 0x0 index 0x14 
> length 0x4
> len:-1 sizeof(data):4
> Failed to write HW_CFG_LRST_ bit in HW_CFG register, ret = -1
> ** smsc95xx_halt()
> ping failed; host is not alive

Hi all,
Currently we have exactly the same problem... have you some news about it?
Thanks in advance,
Best Regards,

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