[U-Boot] [PATCH v2] lsxl: add support for lschlv2 and lsxhl

Michael Walle michael at walle.cc
Tue Mar 27 22:55:59 CEST 2012


Am Dienstag 27 März 2012, 13:05:05 schrieb Prafulla Wadaskar:
> > I removed the hardcoded values from the environment and put it into a
> > special rescue mode, so it won't show up until the user is explicitly
> > choosing that mode. I can understand, that hardcoded values are bad
> > but in
> > this case i cannot think of any other (easy and reliable) way to get
> > access to a misconfigured linkstation.
> > 
> > Do you have any other idea? again, the only interfaces you have are
> > ethernet, one button, two (multiple color leds), one switch with three
> > positions [and an usb port, only available on older linkstations].
> You need special environment variables by default, u-boot development
> policy does not allow this, so you can have clean code mainlined and keep
> this customization patch private to you. This is what I think the solution
> could be :-(

Wolfgang, what do you think about relaxing this policy a bit and allowing this 
class of devices (no service port/serial port available, no storage for the 
MAC address besides the environment) to use hardcoded values (maybe defined in 
a place common to all boards). Again, i don't think my device is the only one 
with this problem.

> > mh? the lschlv2_ramboot is just for testing purposes. So you can try
> > the
> > bootloader without actually overwriting it in the boot flash. The
> > actual
> > images are the lschlv2 and lsxhl targets. I guess i should add a
> > lsxhl_ramboot, too. There was no need for the latter because i have a
> > jtag
> > connector on my lsxhl (but not on the lschlv2).
> AFAIK, for ram boot you need u-boot ELF image, you can use u-boot.bin but
> u-boot.kwb image cannot be used for boot from RAM, kwbimage.cfg helps to
> create u-boot.kwb target which is useless for boot from RAM use case. So
> you need to remove it.

The elf/bin is just for testing and the kwb image will be written into the spi 
flash, i need both (at least i need the kwb image). I could remove the ramboot 
target, but i think its really handy if someone likes to play with a self 
compiled uboot.


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