[U-Boot] [PATCH v2] lsxl: add support for lschlv2 and lsxhl

Michael Walle michael at walle.cc
Thu Mar 29 13:30:40 CEST 2012

Hi Wolfgang,

> I still fail to understand why you would need fixed network settings.
> Evenin emergency cases, the only parameter you really need is a MAC
> address, all others can be fetched for example from a DHCP server.
bootp/dhcp should work for getting the ip address. My initial thought was that 
you need to hardcode the ncip anyway, which means you need the ipaddr etc, 
Using DHCP and setting the ncip to the delivered serverip should be ok, i 

> As for the MAC address, it is in such emergencies OK to use a random
> locally administered Ethernet address. Note the "random" - hard-
> coding the same address for all devices is definitely a No-Go.
Is 02:00:00:RR:RR:RR, where RR is a random byte, ok?


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