[U-Boot] BDI2000 config file for mx35pdk

Stefano Babic sbabic at denx.de
Fri Mar 30 11:31:55 CEST 2012

On 30/03/2012 11:12, Gabriel Tisan wrote:
> Hi !
> Does someone has a working BDI2000 configuration file for Freescale's mx35pdk ?

Hi Gabriel,

we are OT here. Anyway, the following configuration worked for me:

WCP15  0x0001 0x00050078	; CP15 control register
WCP15  0x0707 0x00000000	; CP15 invalidate I&D
WCP15  0x0708 0x00000000	; CP15 invalidate TLB
WCP15  0x4A07 0x00000000        ; CP15 clean write buf.

; RAM Initialization
;WEIM config CS5
;WM32 0xB8002050 0x0000d843
;WM32 0xB8002054 0x22252521
;WM32 0xB8002058 0x22220a00

; DDR2 init
;WM32 0xB8001010 0x00000304
;WM32 0xB8001010 0x0000030C
;WM32 0xB8001004 0x007ffc3f
;WM32 0xB8001000 0x92220000
;WM32 0x80000400 0x12345678
;WM32 0xB8001000 0xA2220000
;WM32 0x80000000 0x87654321
;WM32 0x80000000 0x87654321
;WM32 0xB8001000 0xB2220000
;WM8 0x80000233 0xda
;WM8 0x82000780 0xda
;WM8 0x82000400 0xda
;WM32 0xB8001000 0x82226080
;WM32 0xB8001004 0x007ffc3f
;WM32 0xB800100C 0x007ffc3f
;WM32 0xB8001010 0x00000304
;WM32 0xB8001008 0x00002000

;CLOCK       1			;JTAG clock (0=Adaptive,1=16MHz,2=8MHz,3=4MHz)
;;;CLOCK       0 10		;JTAG clock : start with 10 kHz then use adaptive
CLOCK	    3 10		;JTAG clock : start with 10 kHz then use 4MHz
POWERUP     3000                ;start delay after power-up detected in ms
RESET	    HARD 100            ;assert reset for 100 ms
;WAKEUP	    100                 ;wait after reset released
;STARTUP     STOP 2000           ;let boot ROM setup the system
ENDIAN      LITTLE              ;memory model (LITTLE | BIG)
;VECTOR      CATCH 0x1f          ;catch D_Abort, P_Abort, SWI, Undef and
VECTOR      CATCH 0x00          ;do not catch any vector
BREAKMODE   HARD                ;SOFT or HARD
;BREAKMODE   SOFT                ;SOFT or HARD
SCANSUCC	1 4		; the ETMBUF after the ARM1136 core
; !!! Enable to following SCANINIT lines for BDI2000 firmware V1.04
; !!! Not needed for V1.03 and for upcomming firmware updates.
SCANINIT r1:t1:w1000:t0:w1000:  ;assert reset and toggle TRST
SCANINIT r0:w10000:             ;release reset and wait
SCANINIT ch5:w100               ;clock TCK with TMS high and wait

PROMPT	    mx35pdk>
FILE        mx35pdk/u-boot.bin

WORKSPACE   0x1fffc000  ;workspace in internal SRAM
CHIPTYPE    S29M32X16	;Flash type is S29WS256N
CHIPSIZE    0x2000000	;The size of one flash chip in bytes
BUSWIDTH    16          ;The width of the flash memory bus
FILE        mx35pdk/u-boot.bin
FORMAT      BIN 0xa0000000
ERASE       0xa0000000 UNLOCK
ERASE       0xa0020000 UNLOCK
ERASE       0xa0040000 UNLOCK
ERASE       0xa0060000 UNLOCK

FILE    BDI2000/abatron/bdigdb/config/arm11/regIMX31.def

Best regards,
Stefano Babic

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