[U-Boot] [PATCH V2] Adds driver for Xilinx' xps_spi SPI controller.

Marek Vasut marek.vasut at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 21:42:35 CEST 2012

Dear Graeme Smecher,

> Hi Wolfgang,
> On 18/09/10 01:02 PM, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> > Dear Graeme Smecher,
> > 
> > In message<1280955847-2999-1-git-send-email-graeme.smecher at mail.mcgill.ca>  
you wrote:
> >> This code differs in only trivial ways from the altera_spi driver. It
> >> plays nice with Thomas Chou's mmc_spi driver, as well as with SPI
> >> flash.
> > 
> > Hm... if the core really differs in only trivial ways from the
> > altera_spi driver, then why do we need a duplication of that code?
> > 
> > Can we plase have a single driver source that supports both instead?
> Hm... It's possible to combine xilinx_spi.c and altera_spi.c. However, I
> suspect joining them will make maintenance more complicated rather than
> simpler. I can't, for example, test a combined driver on Altera hardware
> (and the Altera maintainer will likely have the same problem with Xilinx
> hardware.)
> My guess is that most SPI interfaces are nearly identical at a register
> level, especially for drivers that don't support interrupts and other
> complications. (See mxc_spi.c for another example.) Xilinx and Altera's
> SPI interfaces are just two examples that happen to both be FPGA-based
> -- I could probably have adapted any of the other SPI drivers instead.
> Are you sure combining drivers is the most logical approach? Let me
> know, and I'll have a crack at it.
> thanks,
> Graeme

What was the conclusion here? Shall I drop the patch or will you submit a 
rebased version?

Best regards,
Marek Vasut

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