[U-Boot] iMx31 Litekit U-boot not working

Vipin Gahlaut gailu96 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 21:55:35 CEST 2012

Hi Experts,

I have downloaded u-boot version  u-boot-2012.07 and build it for i.Mx31
litekit board (make imx31_litekit_coinfig; make). u-boot builds fine. When
I am loading u-boot in to RAM using Logic Loader as described at following
link nothing happens. I do not get u-boot prompt.


Please see console logs below
losh> ifconfig sm0
losh> ifconfig sm0 up
losh> load raw 0x81000000 202980 /tftp/
loading from /tftp/
loading raw binary to 0x81000000 (ram) len 000318e4:
file loaded
losh> exec 0x81000000 -

Stuck at this point.

Your expert help is appreciated. I do not have JTAG device to burn it in to
flash so need to test u-boot using logic loader provided by board vendor.

Best Regards

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