[U-Boot] [RFC PATCH 03/17] powerpc: remove .fixup test

Peter Tyser ptyser at xes-inc.com
Mon Sep 24 17:30:48 CEST 2012

Hi Scott,

On Fri, 2012-09-21 at 19:01 -0500, Scott Wood wrote:
> This was introduced by commit 244615197469dd6fe75ae082f38424b97c79aeaf, but it
> fails in a minimal SPL build where the only thing in arch/powerpc/lib is
> cache.c, which apparently doesn't generate any fixup records.
> If this check is really still needed, it should be moved somewhere more
> appropriate, but given that it's been three years and no other
> architecture does a test like this, I think we can remove it.  It would
> have been nice if the original commit said how old the problematic
> toolchains were.

There was a discussion about it a long while back that has some version

Based on my testing I only could reproduce the issue with 3.x versions,
which are 7+ years old.


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