[U-Boot] Uboot for Wakame Board (New ARM single board openhardware computer).

madscientist project.amsterdam07 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 02:08:40 CET 2016

I am working on a new Allwiner A13 and accesory chipset board, whose 
name is Wakame, after the seafood.

After working several months on this project, now i think that the idea 
of building a prototype starts to come a feasible thing.Obviously it is 
my very first development ever since i entered into the Open Hardware 
arena and some details may come up that could be needing some fix here 
and there.

The reason for this email is that, i'm in need for a Firmware. After 
finding out in several places, many people tells me about Uboot. Happens 
that, i'm not that knowledgeable about it. I tried to build Uboot in my 
pc and when using Make and other parameter i got a menu where i think i 
never could make proper choices for this soon to be arm open computer..

I actually wish this board to be able to boot both from an usb hard disk 
and or usb cd/dvd unit. I have been told that, while the A13 soc may 
have uboot right on it, even i found a pin with that name in the sheets, 
i actually wish to separate the bootrom of the os as i wish to achieve a 
desktop computer behaviour rather than a tablet one.  The closest board 
to Wakame i know is the Olimex A13 but while the SOC is the same, the 
chips in the Wakame are different from the Olimex and that means a 
concern or two about Uboot compatibility..

Should you have any interest on this project, you can see it here:


The files in the github above are actually an Altium 2009 workspace, and 
they are available under gnu-glpl terms so anyone with proper knowledge 
can study, modify and build it, in the hope it gets better with time and 
people taking knowledge about it.

Thanks for your support.

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