[U-Boot] [PATCH 00/18] sf: fix support of QSPI memories and controllers

Cyrille Pitchen cyrille.pitchen at atmel.com
Tue Mar 15 19:12:22 CET 2016

Hi all,

This series of patches fixes and extend the support of QSPI memories
in the SPI flash framework. The updates are split into many parts to
make it easier to understand and review but they should be considered
as a whole.

This was tested on a Atmel sama5d2 xplained board with a Micron n25q128a

Best regards,


Cyrille Pitchen (18):
  Revert "sf: Fix quad bit set for micron devices"
  sf: call spi_claim_bus() and spi_release_bus() only once per read,
    write or erase
  sf: replace spi_flash_read_common() calls by spi_flash_cmd_read()
  sf: remove spi_flash_write_common()
  sf: export spi_flash_wait_ready() function
  sf: share erase generic algorithm
  sf: share write generic algorithm
  sf: share read generic algorithm
  sf: add hooks to handle register read and write operations
  sf: move support of SST flash into generic spi_flash_write_alg()
  sf: fix selection of supported READ commands for QSPI memories
  sf: fix detection of QSPI memories when they boot in Quad or Dual mode
  sf: add helper function to set the number of dummy bytes
  sf: add 4byte address opcodes
  sf: prepare next fixes to support of QSPI memories by manufacturer
  sf: fix support of Micron memories
  ARM: at91: clock: add function to get QSPI clocks
  sf: add driver for Atmel QSPI controller

 arch/arm/mach-at91/include/mach/clk.h |   5 +
 drivers/mtd/spi/Kconfig               |  18 +-
 drivers/mtd/spi/Makefile              |   2 +
 drivers/mtd/spi/atmel_qspi_flash.c    | 432 ++++++++++++++++++++
 drivers/mtd/spi/sf-uclass.c           |  11 +
 drivers/mtd/spi/sf_internal.h         | 115 ++++--
 drivers/mtd/spi/sf_micron.c           | 222 ++++++++++
 drivers/mtd/spi/sf_params.c           |  32 +-
 drivers/mtd/spi/sf_probe.c            |  46 ++-
 drivers/mtd/spi/spi_flash.c           | 744 +++++++++++++++++++++-------------
 drivers/spi/Kconfig                   |   9 +
 drivers/spi/Makefile                  |   1 +
 drivers/spi/atmel_qspi.c              | 150 +++++++
 drivers/spi/atmel_qspi.h              | 145 +++++++
 include/spi_flash.h                   | 105 +++++
 15 files changed, 1701 insertions(+), 336 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 drivers/mtd/spi/atmel_qspi_flash.c
 create mode 100644 drivers/mtd/spi/sf_micron.c
 create mode 100644 drivers/spi/atmel_qspi.c
 create mode 100644 drivers/spi/atmel_qspi.h


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