[U-Boot] SAMA5D2 series

Andy Pont andy.pont at sdcsystems.com
Thu Aug 24 06:52:41 UTC 2017

Hello Wenyou,

We are looking at using one of the SAMA5D2 family in an upcoming design and
I have a couple of questions...

In a recent U-Boot patch set you mentioned the SAMA5D27 SOM1 SiP module.  Is
this something that is available yet as I can't find it on the Microchip

If we choose to use the processor, memory, etc. as discrete devices is the
boot process still AT91Bootstrap -> U-Boot -> Linux or does it now support
U-Boot SPL and Falcon boot mode?

The current mainline implementation of arch/arm/mach-at91/spl.c seems to
suggest that booting from a QSPI device isn't supported.  Which of the
supported boot devices will give the fastest boot time?



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