[U-Boot] [RESEND-2 PATCH 0/4] sunxi: Enable EMAC on A83T boards using Realtek RTL8211E PHY

Chen-Yu Tsai wens at kernel.org
Fri Apr 12 06:40:39 UTC 2019

From: Chen-Yu Tsai <wens at csie.org>

(Resending yet again with correct email address now subscribed
 and with proper cover letter subject. Sorry for the noise.)

Hi everyone,

This series enables EMAC (Ethernet controller) on two A83T boards,
the Cubietruck Plus and Bananapi M3.

A couple of changes are required to the clock definitions to make the
compiler happy, as it hasn't been coverted to use the common CLK and
DM_RESET framework. These changes are not used in the A83T code path.

The other two patches enable the sun8i-emac and Realtek PHY driver in
their respective defconfigs. The device trees already have the EMAC

Since these are compile time issues, all patches should go through
the same tree.


Chen-Yu Tsai (4):
  sunxi: Fix compilation of sun8i-emac for A83T
  net: sun8i-emac: Fix compilation for A83T
  sunxi: Enable EMAC on the Cubietruck Plus
  sunxi: Enable EMAC on the Bananapi M3

 arch/arm/include/asm/arch-sunxi/clock_sun8i_a83t.h | 4 ++++
 configs/Cubietruck_plus_defconfig                  | 2 ++
 configs/Sinovoip_BPI_M3_defconfig                  | 2 ++
 drivers/net/sun8i_emac.c                           | 3 +++
 4 files changed, 11 insertions(+)


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