[U-Boot] [RESEND-2 PATCH 0/4] sunxi: Enable EMAC on A83T boards using Realtek RTL8211E PHY

Jagan Teki jagan at amarulasolutions.com
Wed Apr 17 11:37:47 UTC 2019


On Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 4:05 PM Chen-Yu Tsai <wens at kernel.org> wrote:
> From: Chen-Yu Tsai <wens at csie.org>
> (Resending yet again with correct email address now subscribed
>  and with proper cover letter subject. Sorry for the noise.)
> Hi everyone,
> This series enables EMAC (Ethernet controller) on two A83T boards,
> the Cubietruck Plus and Bananapi M3.
> A couple of changes are required to the clock definitions to make the
> compiler happy, as it hasn't been coverted to use the common CLK and
> DM_RESET framework. These changes are not used in the A83T code path.
> The other two patches enable the sun8i-emac and Realtek PHY driver in
> their respective defconfigs. The device trees already have the EMAC
> enabled.
> Since these are compile time issues, all patches should go through
> the same tree.
> Regards
> ChenYu
> Chen-Yu Tsai (4):
>   sunxi: Fix compilation of sun8i-emac for A83T
>   net: sun8i-emac: Fix compilation for A83T
>   sunxi: Enable EMAC on the Cubietruck Plus
>   sunxi: Enable EMAC on the Bananapi M3

We have EPHY clock and reset support via respective framework [1]
would you rebase these changes on top this.

[1] http://git.denx.de/?p=u-boot-sunxi.git;a=commitdiff;h=6b2ccabee2368d059513a9be37c0ffaa4a47ec99

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