[U-Boot] Trouble making the u-boot file for Zed Board

Melika Shahriari melika at triumf.ca
Tue Jun 11 23:40:59 UTC 2019


My name is Melika. I am a student from the University of British Columbia. I am following these<https://xilinx-wiki.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/A/pages/18841973/Build+U-Boot> instructions to build u-boot file for my Zed Board. My computer is Mac, and the operating system is macOS mojave version 10.14.5. I have installed crosstool ng version 1.23.0 and arm-mac-linux-gnueabihf with gcc version 6.3.0. I have also installed DTC version 1.5.0. However, u-boot process fails when it's building spl. I have attached the log file of the terminal. Could you please let me know what step I am missing? I would really appreciate it.

Melika Shahriari
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