[U-Boot] Default environment file

Linder Pascal Pascal.Linder at edu.hefr.ch
Wed Jun 12 08:20:17 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

I am currently moving the configurations of the KM boards from header files to Kconfig. But for the customly defined environment variables I did not found a decent solution until I have come across the default environment file, which seems very interesting to me.

To this day, nevertheless, it appears that noone made use of the CONFIG_USE_DEFAULT_ENV_FILE configuration defined in env/Kconfig. Does anyone still have an example for this kind of environment definition or knows how to create it?

In my opinion, this could be highly relevant for the transition away from the header files in include/configs.


Pascal Linder

Student Telekommunikation Netzwerke und Sicherheit

Klasse T-3b

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