[U-Boot] Working Principles of Mender (OTA) and Secure U-boot (HAB library)

Emre Karaaslan emre.karaaslan at icterra.com
Wed Nov 13 08:27:56 UTC 2019


I have imx6ul board and I have implemented HAB (High Assurance Boot) library which NXP provides for boot ROM level security. At the moment, the device checks the digital signatures when it is turned on, and if our first running software image (SPL) is unsigned, HAB does not allow the device to turn on.

Then on another imx6ul board that HAB doesn't have, I implemented the open source software called Mender.io, which is used for secure software updates of IOT devices with OTA(Over-the-air), on Linux-based Yocto distribution.

My current problem is being able to run these two together. I have a few questions about that. If anyone has been interested in this before, can he come back? I can elaborate my questions.

Best regards.

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