[U-Boot] [V3 1/2] ata: fsl_sata: Add DM support for Freescale PowerPC SATA driver

Priyanka Jain priyanka.jain at nxp.com
Wed Nov 20 05:50:34 UTC 2019

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>Subject: [U-Boot] [V3 1/2] ata: fsl_sata: Add DM support for Freescale PowerPC
>SATA driver
>Add DM support for Freescale PowerPC sata driver used for PowerPC T series
>CONFIG_BLK needs to be enabled on these platforms. It adds the SATA controller
>as AHCI device, which is strictly speaking not correct, as the controller is not
>AHCI compatible, But the U-Boot AHCI uclass interface enables the usage of this
>DM driver,
>Also fix below warning while PowerPC T series boards compilation,
>===================== WARNING ======================"
>This board does use CONFIG_LIBATA but has CONFIG_AHCI not"
>enabled. Please update the storage controller driver to use"
>CONFIG_AHCI before the v2019.07 release."
>Failure to update by the deadline may result in board removal."
>See doc/driver-model/MIGRATION.txt for more info."
>Signed-off-by: Peng Ma <peng.ma at nxp.com>

Series applied to mpc85xx master, awaiting upstream.


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