[U-Boot] Sharing a hardware lab

Simon Glass sjg at chromium.org
Sat Nov 30 04:23:43 UTC 2019

Hi Tom,

I have been meaning to have a crack at setting up a little hardware
lab for a while.

I made some progress recently and hooked up a rpi_3 with sdwire for
USB/SD, ykush for power and a little computer to control it. It builds
U-Boot, sticks it on the SD card and runs pytest.

I pushed a tree here and hopefully you can see the 'hwlab' thing at the end:


So far it is just running the 'help' test. It seems to hang with
serial console problems if I try to do more. It is not 100% reliable
yet. I based it on Stephen's test hooks:


Is it possible to share this so that others can use the lab when they
push trees? Is it as simple as adding to the .gitlab-ci.yml file as I
have done here?


I also got tbot going in a similar way, to test booting into Linux.
Should we look at integrating that at the same time? It should be
fairly easy to do.

I have quite a lot of random boards and in principle it should not be
too hard to hook up some more of them, with sufficient SDwires, hubs
and patience.


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