[U-Boot] HAB synchronous error loop i.MX8M

Bartlomiej bartek at conclusive.pl
Thu Oct 3 10:06:24 UTC 2019

I'm using an i.MX8M based Boundary Devices Nitrogen8M board with U-Boot 
/ U-Boot SPL as the bootloader. I want to use HAB 
(arch/arm/mach-imx/hab.c) in order to authenticate the bootloader and 
kernel images before running them. The problem is my board goes into a 
synchronous error loop when authenticating the bootloader image from 
U-Boot SPL level. I don't get any return code, nothing. It happens on 
the `hab_rvt_authenticate_image` call. The board is open, so it should 
just fail if the image is badly constructed/signed and let me continue.

Any ideas as to why is it happening and what could possibly be done to 
fix this?

Best regards,
Bartlomiej Nowak

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