[U-Boot] Altera_tse driver

Mr. goldenstreet ranberant at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 20:45:07 UTC 2019

as i was porting altera_tse driver to my customize board(which is very
similar to the arria 5)
i tried to check everything works correctly, but it seemed like i only got
one packet every run.
so i learned a little more about it and i understood there is a need to
write a descriptor every time to get a new packet.
so what i did is i used the altera_tse_free_pkt_msgdma() function in the
function after receiving a packet,
and that solved it.

currently i have no way to check if it's the right patch for the real arria5
board(or everyother board who uses this driver)

so if anyone can confirm if this is a real issue or just me misunderstanding
the subject deeply enough,
that'll be really great.


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