[U-Boot] Saving u-boot environment on LS1046ardb QSPI bricks flash memory

Matthew Ratson matthewratson at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 19:24:31 UTC 2019

Hi there,

I am currently working with a LS1046ardb development board from
NXP/Layerscape. Using their provided firmware image from the primary QSPI
memory bank, I have tried to flash my own compiled u-boot (using the
ls1046ardb_qspi_defconfig file) onto the alternate memory bank. I have also
flashed a Reset Configuration Word (RCW) which was provided by NXP.

This process is successful and the alternate bank boots into u-boot.
However, I discovered that after simply executing a "saveenv" command and
then rebooting again into the alternate bank, the alternate flash memory
seems to be "bricked". I can no longer boot into the alternate bank and
instead, the board will boot into the default bank.

I am wondering if this issue and has been noticed already by someone or if
there is something I am not doing correctly.

Is their a specific denx RCW that I should use instead, rather than the one
provided by NXP?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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