[U-Boot] [EXT] Saving u-boot environment on LS1046ardb QSPI bricks flash memory

Ashish Kumar ashish.kumar at nxp.com
Fri Sep 13 09:22:42 UTC 2019

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> Subject: [EXT] [U-Boot] Saving u-boot environment on LS1046ardb QSPI
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> Hi there,
> I am currently working with a LS1046ardb development board from
> NXP/Layerscape. Using their provided firmware image from the primary QSPI
> memory bank, I have tried to flash my own compiled u-boot (using the
> ls1046ardb_qspi_defconfig file) onto the alternate memory bank. I have also
> flashed a Reset Configuration Word (RCW) which was provided by NXP.
> This process is successful and the alternate bank boots into u-boot.
> However, I discovered that after simply executing a "saveenv" command and
> then rebooting again into the alternate bank, the alternate flash memory
> seems to be "bricked". I can no longer boot into the alternate bank and
> instead, the board will boot into the default bank.
> I am wondering if this issue and has been noticed already by someone or if
> there is something I am not doing correctly.
> Is their a specific denx RCW that I should use instead, rather than the one
> provided by NXP?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Hi Matthew,

This driver is broken in upstream and it is work in progress to  fix  and update in upstream.
You can still fetch this from github as few other people have also reported the same.
On  github repo there are 2 version of driver. 

One with old xfer method and one with new spi-mem version. 
I am debugging the spi-mem version as this is the recommended version by maintainers .
LS1046 is working via both methods. There are some debug prints in spi-mem version.

br:  spi-mem-port
br: xfer_wrking

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