[U-Boot] U-Boot on ppc405gp, slow ethernet

Carlo Pisani carlojpisani at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 00:06:26 UTC 2019

I am trying to use the board "dht-walnut", and I get this on the
attempt to tftpboot

PHY speed read failed, assuming 10bT
PHY duplex read failed, assuming half-duplex
Using ppc_4xx_eth0 device

The ppc405GP board is connected to a router whose ethernet port is
rated 100bT/full-duplex, but on the dht-walnut side, the link only
works at 200Kbyte/s rather than at higher bitrate.

I am using uboot-v1.2, which is old, but it has a special "patch" only
released for the dht-walnut support the feature "disk-boot" (bootstrap
from the first pATA hard disk).

Let me know if the problem with the ppc_4xx_eth0 device not properly
configured for 100bT/full-duplex has been yet fixed.


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