[U-Boot] U-Boot on ppc405gp, slow ethernet

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Mon Sep 16 14:16:17 UTC 2019

Hi Carlo,

On 16.09.19 02:06, Carlo Pisani wrote:
> hi
> I am trying to use the board "dht-walnut", and I get this on the
> attempt to tftpboot
> PHY speed read failed, assuming 10bT
> PHY duplex read failed, assuming half-duplex
> Using ppc_4xx_eth0 device
> The ppc405GP board is connected to a router whose ethernet port is
> rated 100bT/full-duplex, but on the dht-walnut side, the link only
> works at 200Kbyte/s rather than at higher bitrate.
> I am using uboot-v1.2, which is old, but it has a special "patch" only
> released for the dht-walnut support the feature "disk-boot" (bootstrap
> from the first pATA hard disk).
> Let me know if the problem with the ppc_4xx_eth0 device not properly
> configured for 100bT/full-duplex has been yet fixed.

First your U-Boot version is ancient and out-of-tree, which makes
it hard to comment on. Unfortunately, PPC4xx support has been removed
from mainline U-Boot quite some time ago. So there is nothing that
could be tested with mainline on your board. The latest PPC405 code
base is available in the v2017.05 release. You might want to checkout
this version and give it a try. Ethernet was tested quite thoroughly
on the PPC4xx platforms at that time. So full speed should be supported

BTW: Is dht-walnut different from the original IBM PPC405GP Walnut
evaluation board? IIRC, this was a slightly modified board, but its
so long ago...


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