[U-Boot] u-boot: raspberry pi 4 with 4G ram, bdinfo: dram bank size is < 1G

Pi NewBie rpinewbie at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 11:51:18 UTC 2019

With top of the tree(tot) uboot, and tot firmware, uboot command bdinfo
shows the dram bank size as 0x000000003b400000 which is <1G, but the
rpi4 board has 4G of ram.

However with kernel8.img in the firmware, linux kernel shows in 

cat /proc/meminfo

MemTotal:3999784 kB

MemFree: 3868044 kB

MemAvailable:3819600 kB

Does this current uboot does not yet support rpi with 4g ram?


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