dm: crash for DM_FLAG_PRE_RELOC

Heinrich Schuchardt xypron.glpk at
Wed Apr 15 20:28:31 CEST 2020

Hello Simon,

I try to boot pine64-lts_defconfig + CONFIG_RSA=y.

SPL loads BL31. BL31 starts U-Boot. But before any output appears SPL is
restarted. So some crash must occur.

If I remove the flag DM_FLAG_PRE_RELOC in
drivers/crypto/rsa_mod_exp/mod_exp_sw.c, booting works fine.

Assigning the driver to UCLASS_NOP does not resolve the problem. So it
seems not to be a problem with the u-class.

not resolve the problem.

As the failure occurs very early no console is available for debug
output. Defining LOG_DEBUG at the top of drivers/core/list.c provides no

Do you have an idea how to identify the root cause of the problem?

Why is this driver loaded before relocation? I cannot find any usage of
function rsa_verify_key() before relocation.

Best regards


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