Seemless Boot Splash on iMX-based boards

Igor Opaniuk igor.opaniuk at
Mon Jul 6 10:34:46 CEST 2020


Does anyone have experience in setting up seamless
boot splash on iMX-based platforms?

I'm currently trying to do that on iMX7-based board with
4.9 2.3.x IMX downstream kernel running.

I've backported console deferred takeover patch-series for fbcon [1],
which permits the contents of the framebuffer (initialized before in U-Boot)
to stay in place as is till error message is shown
or boot is finished.

The initial splash is shown in U-Boot(mainline) (mxsfb driver is used
for controller/fb initialization).

Nevertheless, MXSFB controller every time keeps resetting just after
U-Boot->Linux takeover and fb is cleared (I see a black screen) till
login request shows up.

1. Did anyone have a chance to work on such setups based on deferred
console "feature"?
2. Does it make sense at all to continue moving towards with this approach
(we initialize graphics core and show boot splash by firmware/bootloader,
then hand over it to Linux).
Taking into account on-going transition to DRM/KMS in the mainline kernel
and that fact that there is no any mainline compatible way to take over
an initialized graphics core, I assume the only generic solution could be
avoiding showing boot logo at all and do that only from the Linux (
Plymouth-based etc.)

Any comments are welcome. Thanks!


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