Cover Letter of Patchsets

Leo Liang ycliang at
Mon Jul 6 04:35:10 CEST 2020

Hi Tom,

I am Leo, just recently joined the community.
and been picking up the guide line of uboot's development.

I am a bit curious about the policy on the cover letter of patchsets.
Is cover letter mandatory ?

IMHO, making it mandatory, especially on patchsets that consist of more than 1 patch, is more than useful and of great advantages.

1. Making patches clearer for peer and maintainer review
   The reviewer and maintainer could immediately understand,
   or at least get the idea of, the whole patchset
   through only reading this ONE cover letter
   without having to dive into each of the patch.

   And thus quickly determine if the patchset solves the problem
   or if the patchset is well organized.

2. Helping the author better organize the patchset
   Writing the cover letter would require the author 
   to scrutinize the patchset structure again,
   in order to elaborate his/her craft.

   So when composing the letter, the relevance of each patch
   would be thoroghly looked over and the patchset might be
   refined into small but more closely-related patchsets.

   And it would be easier for the maintainer to pull small gradual changes 
   than a huge patchset with lots of changes at once.

In all, I think it would be nice to write cover letter to introduce the work.

If I miss anything or misunderstand anything please let me know, thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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