[PATCH v4 00/11] new rtc methods, rtc command, and tests

Heiko Schocher hs at denx.de
Tue Jul 7 07:02:11 CEST 2020

Hello Rasmus,

Am 06.07.2020 um 22:01 schrieb Rasmus Villemoes:
> I need access to registers other than just the timekeeping ones of the
> pcf2127, so I wanted to implement ->read8 and ->write8. But for
> testing these it appeared there was no convenient way to invoke those
> from the shell, so I also ended up adding such a command.
> Also, it seemed more natural to provide array variants that can read
> or write several registers at once, so rtc_ops is expanded a bit.
> Changes in v4:
> - Add CONFIG_CMD_RTC to sandbox defconfigs (new patch 10/11). Not
>    quite sure exactly which it needed to be added to, but at least
>    sandbox and sandbox_flattree showed CI failures.
> - Add Heiko's R-B to the 10 v3 patches (1-9 + 11), and Simon's R-B to 6/11.
> - Fix some checkpatch warnings - I don't really agree with most of

Sorry, I should have mentioned which warnings you should fix ...

>    them - e.g. having to add an empty line in
>    int foo = something();
>    if (foo < 0)
>      return foo;
>    return something_else(foo);
>    doesn't make the code more readable IMO.

You find this rule all over the source code in U-Boot...

>    The remaining checkpatch blurps are things I really don't think
>    warrant "fixing", e.g. "WARNING: ENOSYS means 'invalid syscall nr'
>    and nothing else" seems irrelevant in context of U-Boot, and in any
>    case I've only copied existing practice. For "WARNING: please write
>    a paragraph that describes the config symbol fully", that seems to
>    be a false positive, there's certainly a full help text for CMD_RTC.

Yes, this is fine.

Just applied your patches now, there is one warning in patch

"test: dm: rtc: add test of dm_rtc_read, dm_rtc_write"

CHECK: Comparison to NULL could be written "emul"
#218: FILE: test/dm/rtc.c:162:
+       ut_assert(emul != NULL);

I think, this should be fixed! But looking into the source file, there
are more such lines, so I let this at it is... may this should be cleaned!

Thanks for your work!

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