[PATCH v4 0/7] add basic driver support for broadcom NS3 soc

Rayagonda Kokatanur rayagonda.kokatanur at broadcom.com
Fri Jul 10 11:23:18 CEST 2020

This is the second patch set series prepared on top of the
first patch set ("add initial support for broadcom NS3 soc").

This patch set will add following,
-defconfig options for basic device like pinctrl,
 gpio, mmc, qspi, wdt, i2c and pcie.
-start wdt service
-Enable GPT commands
-Enable EXT4 and FAT fs support

Changes from v3:
 -Rebase on top of first patch set.

Changes from v2:
 -Address review comments from Stefan Rose,
  Remove patch to stop and start wdt service from board files.
  Instead define CONFIG_WATCHDOG defconfig which takes care of
  wdt reset for every 1s.

Changes from v1:
 -Address review comments from Simon,
  -include <dm.h> instead of <dm/device.h> and <dm/uclass.h>
  -remove include <fdtdec.h> as its not required
  -Use if() instead of #if def
  -rearrange code in start_wdt()
  -remove #else part of #ifdef CONFIG_DT
 -Address review comments from Tom and Simon,
  Remove all dt patches as uboot should use the same dt file from Linux.

Rayagonda Kokatanur (7):
  configs: ns3: enable pinctrl driver
  dt-bindings: pinctrl: add ns3 pads definition
  configs: ns3: enable BCM IPROC mmc driver
  configs: ns3: enable mmc commands
  configs: ns3: enable gpt commands
  configs: ns3: enable EXT4 and FAT fs support
  configs: ns3: enable sp805 watchdog driver

 configs/bcm_ns3_defconfig                     | 18 ++++++++
 .../dt-bindings/pinctrl/brcm,pinctrl-ns3.h    | 41 +++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 59 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 include/dt-bindings/pinctrl/brcm,pinctrl-ns3.h


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