[PATCH] memsize: Make get_ram_size() work with arbitary RAM size

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Jul 13 19:18:37 CEST 2020

Dear Bin Meng,

In message <1594378641-26360-1-git-send-email-bmeng.cn at gmail.com> you wrote:
> Currently get_ram_size() only works with certain RAM size like 1GiB,
> 2GiB, 4GiB, 8GiB, etc. Chanage the codes to work with any RAM size.

I'm afraid I don't understand this change,  Can you please explain a
bit more detailed what "any RAM size" means?

The existing code should work fine with any RAM size that is a power
of two (and the algoithm used is based on this assumption, so the
code would fail if it is not met).

> -	long           save[BITS_PER_LONG - 1];
> -	long           save_base;
> -	long           cnt;
> -	long           val;
> -	long           size;
> -	int            i = 0;
> +	long save[BITS_PER_LONG - 1];
> +	long save_base;
> +	long cnt;
> +	long val;
> +	long size;
> +	int i = 0;

Why do you change the formatting here?  I can see no need for that?

> +	long n = maxsize / sizeof(long);
> -	for (cnt = (maxsize / sizeof(long)) >> 1; cnt > 0; cnt >>= 1) {
> +	n = __ffs(n);
> +	n = BIT(n);
> +
> +	for (cnt = n >> 1; cnt > 0; cnt >>= 1) {

I can only speculate - but do you think that this will work for a
memory size of - for example - 2.5 GiB as might result from combining
two banks of 2 GiB resp. 512 MiB ?   I bet it doesn't.

For correct operation (as originally intended) you would always
specify a maxsize twice as large as the maximum possible memory size
of a bank of memory, and the function would return the real size it

Any other use, especially not checking one bank of memory at a time,
will not work as intended.  And I have yet to see systems where
the size of a bank of memory is not a power of two.

So I feel what you are doing here is not an improvement, but a
"workaround" for some incorrect usage.

I don't think we should accept this patch.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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