AM335X Bootp of u-boot-spl.bin followed by tftp of u-boot.img. Is it possible?

Richard Lourette rlourette at
Tue Jul 28 02:44:22 CEST 2020

I am working with a board with the AM3352 that only has ethernet and a
serial port (UART0). I am able to use the bootstrap of the AM3352 to
network boot the u-boot-spl.bin file. I can't get the second stage
u-boot.img to network load via TFTP. My spl image says there are no
etjermet devices found.

1) My first question, is TFTP booting u-boot.img possible with the AM3352?

2) If it is, any thoughts on how I get u-boot-spl.bin to use ethernet for
loading the second image?


With some debugging enabled (I deleted all the memory allocation print

Trying to boot from eth device
env_driver_lookup: No environment driver for location 2
Using default environment
Initial value for argc=3
Final value for argc=3
No ethernet found.
No Ethernet devices found
SPL: failed to boot from all boot devices

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