[PATCH 0/3] ARM: Fix reset in SPL if SYSRESET is not used

Harald Seiler hws at denx.de
Wed Mar 4 15:23:09 CET 2020


continuing on the discussion around Claudius' patch for fixing reset in SPL [1]
we have taken a closer look at the issue.  To quickly summarize the situation:

    The original patch was to enable the generic ARM implementation of
    `do_reset` if CONFIG_SYSRESET is not enabled in SPL.  This would break
    compilation for some boards which define their own `do_reset` in

    To be more specific, the following 4 boards have this custom `do_reset`:

        - toradex/verdin-imx8mm
        - freescale/imx8mn_evk
        - freescale/imx8mm_evk
        - freescale/imx8mp_evk

I hope we can all agree that `do_reset` is not at all meant to be implemented
in board files.  From looking at the related code for imx8m, it feels like this
was just a workaround hack to archieve the same thing which Claudius has fixed.
So this patch series reverts the addition of `do_reset` implementations in
imx8m board files and instead switches to using the proper fix provided by

Additionally, the custom do_reset implementations were passing an address
(WDOG1_BASE_ADDR) to `reset_cpu()` instead of 0.  This is the only place in the
entire U-Boot tree where this happens.  Instead, all other implementations
simply ignore the parameter and 0 is passed by callers.  It looks a lot like
this is a legacy left-over which makes me think that using it for a (hard-coded)
watchdog address is not a good idea as it breaks convention with the rest of

[1]: https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/1201959 

Claudius Heine (3):
  ARM: reset: use do_reset in SPL/TPL if SYSRESET was not enabled for
  imx: imx8m*: Remove do_reset from board files
  imx: imx8m: Don't use the addr parameter of reset_cpu

 arch/arm/lib/Makefile             | 2 +-
 arch/arm/mach-imx/imx8m/soc.c     | 5 +----
 board/freescale/imx8mm_evk/spl.c  | 9 ---------
 board/freescale/imx8mn_evk/spl.c  | 9 ---------
 board/freescale/imx8mp_evk/spl.c  | 9 ---------
 board/toradex/verdin-imx8mm/spl.c | 9 ---------
 6 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 41 deletions(-)


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