ZynqMP boot: no messages from SPL other than "Debug uart enabled"

Michal Simek michal.simek at xilinx.com
Thu Mar 12 14:31:09 CET 2020


On 12. 03. 20 14:24, Major A wrote:
> Hi Michal,
> Just to confirm and to eliminate any doubt:
> When I build u-boot SPL for the ZCU102, u-boot actually forces me to
> supply a bl31.bin file, so that's what I did.  Apart from that, I expect
> the SPL to print its welcome message (which I have yet to see) on the
> UART and complain about other components (such as PMUFW, u-boot proper,
> etc.) missing.  Is that correct?

PMUFW needs to be loaded and can be built from SDK/VITIS or taken from

bl31 is ATF - also you can build it or take it externally.

> If it is, then there are only two components that can be wrong: u-boot
> SPL and ATF (bl31.bin), am I right?
> Also, I assume that bl31.bin is incorporated into spl/boot.bin, so I
> don't need to supply it externally, is that so?

ATF is not the part of boot.bin. PMUFW is the part of boot.bin.

> Don't get me wrong, I already tested loads of configurations with
> various incarnations of PMUFW and configuration object, etc., and never
> ever have I seen the "U-Boot SPL" welcome message on the UART.  I guess
> it just doesn't want to greet me for some reason or another.

If you blame spl just use fsbl instead. ATF/PMUFW can be taken from
petalinux to find out which component is failing for you.


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