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Kever Yang kever.yang at
Fri Mar 13 03:49:22 CET 2020

Hi Kurt,

     Thanks for your report.

     The one on kernel tree is correct, and the one on U-Boot tree is 
out of date, need to sync with kernel,

would you like to sync this file? If you don't have time to do it, I can 
do the sync.


- Kever

On 2020/3/13 上午4:26, Kurt Miller wrote:
> I noted that the u-boot clock bindings differ from upstream
> Linux for rk3328. Which values are correct and how does u-boot
> plan on addressing this discrepancy?
> vs
> For dclk gates, aclk gates, pclk gates and hclk gates the
> numbering differs.
> Thanks,
> -Kurt

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