[PATCH] ram: px30: drop non informative debug message

Miquel Raynal miquel.raynal at bootlin.com
Tue Mar 17 16:32:17 CET 2020

It seems that this line was added by mistake as right before it there
is another function printing debug info already, so this line is
pretty much useless, drop it.

Fixes: 39edfaa758a ("ram: px30: add sdram driver")
Signed-off-by: Miquel Raynal <miquel.raynal at bootlin.com>
 drivers/ram/rockchip/sdram_px30.c | 1 -
 1 file changed, 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/drivers/ram/rockchip/sdram_px30.c b/drivers/ram/rockchip/sdram_px30.c
index ee657573111..a07f05ded07 100644
--- a/drivers/ram/rockchip/sdram_px30.c
+++ b/drivers/ram/rockchip/sdram_px30.c
@@ -714,7 +714,6 @@ int sdram_init(void)
 	sdram_print_ddr_info(&sdram_params->ch.cap_info, &sdram_params->base);
-	printascii("out\n");
 	return ret;
 	return (-1);

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