[PATCH 1/5] ARM: tegra: rework fdt_serial_tag_setup_one

Stephen Warren swarren at wwwdotorg.org
Tue Mar 17 18:16:16 CET 2020

On 3/16/20 1:40 PM, twarren at nvidia.com wrote:
> From: Stephen Warren <swarren at nvidia.com>
> Reword fdt_serial_tag_setup_one() so that the types it uses aren't tied
> to CONFIG_SERIAL_TAG, and rename the function to better indicate its
> purpose. This will allow it to be re-used by future board info related
> code.

>  arch/arm/mach-tegra/ft_board_info.c | 77 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
>  arch/arm/mach-tegra/ft_board_info.h | 23 +++++++++++

I don't think this series was based on upstream, or there are missing
patches in between upstream and this series; those files don't exist

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