[PATCH v2 1/2] cmd: Add command to display or save Linux PStore dumps

Frédéric Danis frederic.danis at collabora.com
Wed Mar 18 18:46:27 CET 2020

Hi Heinrich,

On 17/03/2020 20:57, Heinrich Schuchardt wrote:
> On 2/26/20 10:42 AM, Frédéric Danis wrote:
>> +Ramoops is an oops/panic logger that writes its logs to RAM before 
>> the system
>> +crashes. It works by logging oopses and panics in a circular buffer. 
>> Ramoops
>> +needs a system with persistent RAM so that the content of that area 
>> can survive
>> +after a restart.
>> +
>> +Ramoops uses a predefined memory area to store the dump.
>> +
>> +Ramoops parameters can be passed as kernel parameters or through 
>> Device Tree,
> Please, add the node in image_setup_libfdt() as described in Linux's
> Documentation/device-tree/bindings/reserved-memory/admin-guide/ramoops.rst. 

I'm not sure to understand what you expect here.
Can you please give me more info about it?
>> +i.e.::
>> + ramoops.mem_address=0x30000000 ramoops.mem_size=0x100000 
>> ramoops.record_size=0x2000 ramoops.console_size=0x2000 
>> memmap=0x100000$0x30000000
> Using the command line seems to be rather error prone.
Best regards,

Frédéric Danis

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