[PATCH v5 12/12] arm: mvebu: clearfog: Use Pro DT by default

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Mon Mar 23 10:26:47 CET 2020

On 27.01.20 21:01, Joel Johnson wrote:
> Switch to explicitly using the Pro variant DT, which has been
> available since Linux 4.11.
> ---
> v4 changes:
>    - new
> v5 changes:
>    - none
> I separated out this change to the end of the series since it drew
> questioning on prior review. I'd still advocate for making the change,
> since especially with the additions of static variants and runtime
> detection, it becomes easier from within a booted kernel to identify the
> type and version of U-Boot image installed. Without making this change,
> it becomes less direct to determine an actual Pro vs. Base, vs old
> U-Boot image maybe supporting some hybrid variant configuration.
> Even in the Linux kernel adding of the Pro DTS, it is indicated that it
> was meant for backwards compatibility.
> Except for cases where checking is done directly against the product
> name from userspace, I don't see downsides even from a compatibility
> perspective for not making this change. In cases where checking *is*
> done from userspace, the broadening of the Clearfog product line would
> seem to mean that userspace checking should be flagged as needing to be
> udpated as well (or glob/regex matched as needed).
> Signed-off-by: Joel Johnson <mrjoel at lixil.net>

Again, please make sure to put the S-o-b line above the first "---"

Other that that:

Reviewed-by: Stefan Roese <sr at denx.de>


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