[PATCH 1/2] arm: mvebu: clearfog: add SCSI to distro bootcmd

Joel Johnson mrjoel at lixil.net
Mon Mar 23 16:38:25 CET 2020

On 2020-03-23 04:27, Stefan Roese wrote:
> Hi Joel,
> On 22.03.20 19:53, Joel Johnson wrote:
>> As with other related ClearFog patches, I haven't received any review 
>> responses on this series 
>> (http://patchwork.ozlabs.org/project/uboot/list/?series=155760) and 
>> would like to ping out for additional review. I'd especially like 
>> feedback on the approach for support of multiple SCSI devices, if 
>> there a preferred or standardized mechanism I'd be happy to adjust, 
>> but I couldn't find any other examples of including multiple SCSI 
>> devices in distro_boot. In reviewing again myself there was an initial 
>> mental mismatch between CON2/CON3 usage as connection ports and the 
>> naming of SCSI_CLEARFOG2/SCSI_CLEARFOG3 as index counters, but 
>> otherwise still seems good.
>> If it's in an acceptable state for inclusion in the next merge window, 
>> that's certainly fine too, I'm just looking for a crosscheck.
> Let's see, if Baruch and/or Josua have some comments here.
> Thanks,
> Stefan

I have an update I'll post shortly which keeps the same logic, but 
renames the defined macros to be SCSI bus centric (i.e. X_BUS0, X_BUS1, 
X_BUS2) instead of potential confusion with hardware labelled port 


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