[RFT PATCH v1 1/5] Revert "usb: ehci-hcd: Keep async schedule running"

Marek Vasut marex at denx.de
Tue Mar 24 01:58:56 CET 2020

On 3/23/20 1:41 PM, Lukasz Majewski wrote:
> Hi Marek,


>> On 3/23/20 7:57 AM, Lukasz Majewski wrote:
>>> Hi Marek,  
>> Hi,
>>>> On 3/22/20 2:00 PM, Lukasz Majewski wrote:  
>>>>> This reverts commit 02b0e1a36c5bc20174299312556ec4e266872bd6.
>>>>> Signed-off-by: Lukasz Majewski <lukma at denx.de>    
>>>> This patch lacks any and all explanation why this is being
>>>> reverted. The patch you are reverting here explains why it was
>>>> added and what real issues it was fixing, so instead of reverting
>>>> it, if there is an issue with that patch, you should identify the
>>>> issue and fix it.  
>>> Marek, have you received the cover letter for this patch series?
>>> In the cover letter I've written the rationale for reverting this
>>> patch.   
>> That should have been explained in this patch description.
>>> In short - qhtoken has value of 0x0, when the token variable shows
>>> errors. As a result the error handling is broken.
>>> Could you comment on those arguments?  
>> Maybe you are referencing/reading the wrong token ?
> I'm printing the token which is used afterwards for reacting on possible
> errors.
>> You should probably figure out why this doesn't work first and then
>> add fixes on top.
> Haven't you seen such problem during code development on your setup
> when developing this patch? 

During the development of the patch, I don't remember, sorry. I most
certainly saw various failure modes, however those should not be present

I tested this patch with the problematic USB sticks on R-Car Gen3 and
with SMSC95xx USB ethernet adapter last weekend and I didn't see a problem.

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