Antwort: Re: [RFC PATCH v2] arch: x86: apl: Read FSP-M configuration from device-tree

Bernhard Messerklinger bernhard.messerklinger at
Mon Mar 30 07:32:10 CEST 2020

Hi Simon,

>> With this patch I moved the fsp-m configuration to the device-tree
>> based on the baytrail boards.
>> I have tried to build it so that only entries that differ from the
>> default configuration need to be added. As a minimum the ddr
>> configuration must be present.
>> If you like this way of configuration, I am also willing to do the
>> same
>> for the fsp-s.
>> Can you please provide me some feedback?
>> Changes in v2:
>> Added commit notes
>>  arch/x86/cpu/apollolake/fsp_m.c               | 337
>>  arch/x86/dts/chromebook_coral.dts             |  35 ++
>>  .../asm/arch-apollolake/fsp/fsp_m_upd.h       | 162 +++++++++
>>  3 files changed, 414 insertions(+), 120 deletions(-)
>Reviewed-by: Simon Glass <sjg at>
>Tested on chromebook_coral:
>Tested-by: Simon Glass <sjg at>
>Do you think we should add a binding file for this though?

Yes, I will create v3 with a binding file in  

Is that ok for you?

Do you also agree to change the fsp-s configuration in the same way?


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